Road to Rio

Ponor to do All-Around in Rio

In an interview released today by Romanian media, Catalina Ponor confirmed that she will be competing in the all-around in Rio.  Even more interesting is the fact that the last time she competed the all-around was in a domestic competition in 2004, so it’s been twelve years since she has done a bar routine.

So lets think about her chances in the all-around for a bit.  At the European Championships, she scored a 15.066 on vault, a 14.600 on beam, and a 14.566 on floor.   The total between these three events is a 44.232.

The lowest scoring qualifier to the all-around final last year at Worlds was Isabela Onyshko with a 55.216.

For Ponor to beat that, she would only need a 10.985 on bars.  However it’s safe to say she would be scoring above that with a hit bar routine.  The mix of skills she has shown on her Instagram and using the skills she competed in 2004, she would be around a 5.o in difficulty.  Using a really low execution score of a 7.0 she still would be scoring a 12 and her total all-around score of 56.232 would have placed her 13th in prelims of 2015’s Worlds, and 9th in finals.

For reference, here is the last bar routine Ponor has competed

What would it take for her to medal?  Her teammate Larisa Iordache won the bronze medal with a 59.107.  Ponor would have to score a 14.875 on bars which is higher than Iordache did which is unrealistic at this time.  But a top 10 finish is possible and would be a fantastic effort for a gymnast competing an event that she hasn’t in over a decade.

Link to Today’s Interview


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