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US Women’s Olympic Trial Preview – All-Around

So throughout this week, I’ve done a review of each event in preparation for Trials tonight and Sunday, but I totally forgot about doing one for the all-around.  Let me do a quick review before I start getting ready for Trials to start!

Here is the average all-around score from the top contenders.  Next to their score in parenthesis is the number of scores used to get this average.

  1. Simeon Biles – 62.483 (3)
  2. Laurie Hernandez – 59.713 (4)
  3. Aly Raisman – 59.620 (6)
  4. Gabby Douglas – 59.404 (4)
  5. Madison Kocian – 58.225 (2)
  6. Ragan Smith – 58.100 (4)

Now Madison Kocian is not competing all-around at Trials.  Reportedly, Marta told her to skip vault and focus on the other three events, so if everyone hits you’re looking at the remaining gymnasts being the top five in the all-around here.

Surprisingly to me, Laurie has the average of the second best all-arounder, even with her third place finish at Nationals behind Aly.  Though it’s less than a tenth difference, which is such a small deduction any little thing can change who’s ranked ahead.  Gabby is a two more tenths behind Aly, but what Gabby has to focus on is improving her score from Nationals.  So far this year, Gabby has competed the all-around four times and her score has gone down each time she’s competed, so she’ll be looking to reverse that trend at Trials.

Ragan Smith has an excellent average, it’s just unfortunate that she’s not one of the top three on any event because at the moment she’ll be hoping for an alternate spot at best.

I’m skipping the other two lists and going straight into my predictions.  If you’ve followed my blog throughout the week, you’ll know that at the end of my event reviews I’ve been posting loose predictions on how they’ll score at Trials based on their scores so far.  Now it’s time to add them all up and see their all-around prediction!

There are two lists, the total of their low score predictions and their total for the high score predictions.  Also, some gymnasts might have an event excluded from earlier predictions (like Aly’s bars) so I quickly went back and made predictions for those missing events as well.

Low Scores

  1. Simone Biles – 16.10, 15.10, 15.40, 16.00 – 62.60
  2. Laurie Hernandez – 14.95, 15.25, 15.25, 14.85 – 60.30
  3. Aly Raisman – 15.30, 13.90, 15.15, 15.50 – 59.85
  4. Gabby Douglas – 15.10, 15.00, 14.70, 14.50 – 59.30

High Scores

  1. Simone Biles – 16.30, 15.15, 15.65, 16.15 – 63.25
  2. Laurie Hernandez – 15.10, 15.35, 15.40, 14.90 – 60.75
  3. Aly Raisman – 15.40, 14.20, 15.30, 15.75 – 60.65
  4. Gabby Douglas – 15.20, 15.55, 14.85, 14.75 – 60.35

This last list is the average between their high and low score predictions for my final predictions before Trials starts!

  1. Simone Biles – 62.925
  2. Laurie Hernandez – 60.525
  3. Aly Raisman – 60.250
  4. Gabby Douglas – 59.825

Based off of these predictions, look out for two things.  Look for Laurie to place second behind Simone here, solidifying not only her spot for Rio with her performance, but also as one of the US’s all-around gymnasts in Rio.  Also look for Gabby to close the gap to Aly, really allowing Marta and the committee to freely choose who will get the third all-around spot between the two.

Tomorrow check back to see how close my original predictions were,a review of day 1, and updated predictions for day 2!


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