2016 Competitions

Weekend Videos to Catch Up On

Three major competitions took part this weekend.  The Mersin World Cup, the Russian Cup, and the Romanian Nationals.  Here are the highlights between each of those competitions,

Mersin World Cup

Oksana Chusovitina – Vault – Event Finals

Chusovitina performs a Produnova for a score of 15.6 and a double twisting Tsukahara for a score of 15.05.

Tutya Yilmaz – Beam – Event Finals

Turkish gymnast Tutya Yilmaz performs a 6.2 difficulty beam routine for a final score of 13.8 to clinch the gold.

Russian Cup

Angelina Melnikova – Beam- Event Finals

Melnikova absolutely nails her event finals routine to score a 15.40 and take the Russian Cup title on the event.

Lilia Akhaimova – Floor – Event Finals

19 year old Akhaimova wins the floor exercise event final with this routine scoring a 14.367, including a tucked full-in dismount.

Tatiana Nabieva – Beam – Event Finals

Gymternet favorite Nabieva adds a front tucked 1/2 on beam and nails it in event finals.  However, typical to her style, she doesn’t care about the rest of the routine after she does that skill.

Seda Tutkhalyan – Bars – All-Around Finals

Tutkhalyan performs what’s most likely the best bar routine of her life to score a 14.875 in the all-around competition where she placed 2nd.

Romanian Nationals

Larisa Iordache – Beam – All Around Finals

Iordache clinches the Romanian all-around title with a total score of 56.933, including this 15.10 beam routine for the top scoring routine of the day.

Ioana Crisan – Beam – All Around Finals

Romanian junior Ioana Crisan places second in the all-around with an impressive 15.033 on the balance beam.

Catalina Ponor – Beam – Event Finals

Catalina Ponor – Floor – Event Finals

Ponor takes the event titles on these two events, with a 15.133 on the balance beam and a great 6.2 difficulty score on floor.



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