Road to Rio

France’s Uneven Bar Dilemma

The French team for Rio has recently been announced, consisting of Marine Brevet, Marine Boyer, Loan His, Oreane Lechenault, and Louis Vanhille.  And here is the issue with how this team is constructed.

  • Marine Boyer was just crowned France’s all-around champion with a score of 56.50.  Her score on the uneven bars was a 14.05.
  • Marine Brevet has typically been France’s best all-around gymnast all quad.  Her most recent result was 29th AA in prelims at the 2015 World Championships with a 55.132, and a 13.633 on uneven bars.  She was France’s highest ranked gymnast at those Worlds.
  • Louis Vanhille & Oreane Lechenault‘s strongest events are uneven bars.  Vanhille has a D-Score of 6.1 and her two recent scores are 14.266 at the Rio Test Event and a 14.250 at the French Championships.  Lechnault’s D-Score is a 6.3, scoring a 14.333 at the Rio Test Event and a 14.950 at the French Championships.
  • Loan His has had a recent ankle injury and has drastically improved her uneven bars through her recovery. She recently scored a 15.10 at French Championships.

So who do you leave off of bars in prelims?  Marine Boyer didn’t do bars at the Rio Test Event, but has recently scored higher in the all-around than their past best of Marine Brevet.  Vanhille has only scored a few tenths higher than Boyer on the event, but seemingly has been brought to do that event.  Loan His used to be one of the all-arounders, but with the recent ankle injury she’s lacking difficulty on vault and floor that Boyer and Brevet have.

France also has a benchmark set at 168 that decides how well the girls did in Rio.  They hit that and the federation is happy, and if they don’t then the federation could be upset.

My guess at the moment is to sit out Vanhille from bars in prelims.  If France makes it into team finals, she could compete similar to Maggie Nichols in 2015.  The second best option in my opinion would be to sit Marine Brevet out, letting her do the other three events and hoping Loan His and Marine Boyer could have success in the all-around.

Whatever happens to this lineup will be interesting at least.


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