2016 Competitions

Russian Cup Prelim Results

Place Name VT UB BB FX AA
1 Angelina Melkinova 14.950 14.650 13.675 14.350 57.625
2 Seda Tutkhalyan 14.825 13.975 14.125 14.150 57.075
3 Evgenia Shelgunova 14.600 13.875 13.925 13.650 56.050
4 Tatiana Nabieva 14.550 13.950 13.525 12.950 54.975
5 Aliya Mustafina 14.850 12.125 14.325 13.625 54.900

Obviously, Mustafina had quite a poor day on bars.  She gave up after she missed her Pak to Shaposh 1/2 connection and jumped off.  Then she excluded her Shaposh 1/2 and her release move and just went to the dismount.

One of the highest scores of the day came from Daria Spiridonova who hit her bar routine for a 15.425

Maria Paseka also showed up to do vault and bars, scoring a 15.475 on her Amanar.  She also scored a 14.825 on her Cheng, and I assume she’s secured a spot on the Russian team with her effort.

The all-around competition will be held tomorrow, June 30th.

Full Results


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